BBC One's Atlantis: First FULL Trailer and Thoughts

     My worst fears for this show are already coming true.  A Greek Mythology laden show titled Atlantis, for no reason I can tell, starring three heavy weights of History/Mythology cast with actors seemingly NOTHING like the legends about them.  Jack Donnelly as Jason, Robert Emms as Pythagoras, and Mark Addy as...     ...Hercules?  Sure I loved Addy in Still Standing, but after Game of Thrones, one would guess he'd be up for slightly better roles than a campy sword and sorcery show.

     I know I liked Misfits, which was done by the same creator Howard Overman- so what in Hades name is going on here!  Seriously.  Can anybody tell me how Overman goes from a show that's decently well thought out, fairly well written, and has good directors can churn out something that looks as sloppy as this Atlantis trailer?

     It's true- in my last post about BBC One's Atlantis I said I wouldn't judge until I saw an episode, but the full trailer makes the show look like a complete joke.  My remaining hopes for Atlantis are dwindling swiftly.


  1. Have to agree, this looks very much like a gap-fill for the place left by Merlin. They might pull it off, but rather doubtful. Shame how the BBC supports stuff like this, but kicks fantastic shows like The Fades to the curb :/

  2. I have not seen the Fades, but I'll add it to my list. True that BBC is producing something like this, when they have the capacity to do much greater wonders. Someone needs to make a show to contend with Game of Thrones. I would gladly suggest Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy be adapted into a 3 season series of 10 to 12 episodes.

  3. Funny you should say that, my mate and I were having that very same conversation the other day - those books are begging to be made into a show...although Best Served Cold was my favourite.