Bob's Burgers Gets Renewed a 5th Season!

     In a great chunk of delicious news, FOX just ordered another 22 episodes of Bob's Burgers mere days before the Bob's Burgers' 4th season premieres- this Sunday. (September 29th)

     This is great news as I've grown tired of the Seth MacFarlane dominated Sunday lineup.  Don't get me wrong, I love American Dad, and Family Guy has been doing well, but even The Cleveland Show got to be bland really fast.  Too much of the same humor got to be an overdose of the MacFarlane brand comedy.  When it comes down to it, The Simpsons has felt pretty boring these last couple years.

Bob's Burgers is one of those rare finds that just continues to outdo itself, creatively. The show has become a key member of our Sunday Animation Domination family, and we're looking forward to attracting new fans with another season.”  -Kevin Reilly, FOX, Chairman of Entertainment

      It's true, I've Tweeted the crap out of how great the show is. 

Source [ IGN ]

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