Pokemon X and Y: SQUIRTLE!!! and "The Bank"

     There's been a ton of Pokémon news for the upcoming X and Y games.  Firstly, I posted a few days ago about Nintendo repeating the past and well, here's another shining example of it.  Although for this I'll make an exception- because I won't be buying either of these games, but I may play on a friend's copy to see how it is. 

     Anyways, not only will there be three generation 6 starter Pokémon (Chespin, Fennekin, Froake), there'll also be our familiar friends, the 3 Kanto starters from Red and Blue- Charmander, Bulbasaur, and my personal favorite Squirtle.  In addition to that the 3 Kanto starters will be able to "Mega evolve."

My favorite Squirtle moment.

     The Pokémon Bank.  Yet another way for Nintendo to nickel and dime customers to death.  Really, it's not bad enough they need to sell 2 barely different copies of a game to customers, but now they offer charge $5 a year for online storage of up to 3000 Pokémon.  The fee would be because the servers would need "constant maintenance."  Apparently, Nintendo must not be using hardware that can compete with the X Box and Playstation if they need to do this.

     The Pokémon Bank will use a "Poke Transporter"- which, if I read correctly, will also be a necessity to transfer old Pokémon as well.  That's what I'm really curious about- are they actually making this a requirement to transfer from old games?  Almost forcing people to buy it to continue enjoying the games they've already paid for?  And really, the amount of data this would take could easily fit on the game. 
     Should I even mention that online cloud storage should already be available like PSN's?  I mean sure I pay for it, but I also get TONS of good free games as well.  And I have the ability to save to USB sticks as well- creating unlimited free storage.

     Come on Nintendo- you're already making a bazillion dollars a year off this series by selling customers essentially 2 of the same game, do you really need to charge for something like this?  People will just have to wait until a server crashes or gets hacked- and perhaps see that Nintendo is ripping people off.  I feel that Nintendo is monetarily preying on the children that love this series.

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