BBC One's Atlantis: A Minotaur and a New Twist...

For some reason, Jason is facing the Minotaur, and not Theseus.

     After being treated to plenty of small teaser images, then to less-than-exciting trailers, tomorrow we'll get to see how the Misfits creator Howard Overman's new show Atlantis will turn out.  I strongly suspect it won't be nearly as brilliant as the original marketers made it out to be.
     Most likely it'll be a cheesey man out of time scenario as the newest trailer hints towards with Jason in the modern era.  Perhaps, with a great trend towards cliche, he'll be in some kind of storm and be washed up on the shores of the mythic and fabled Atlantis.  Then again maybe he is uncovering clues in the present and piecing together a long forgotten story...

     With this mish-mash of Greek myths and fairly poor looking footage, I am not keeping hopes high for this show.  It looks like something that would've been on television in the mid 90's, not even on par with many of the other current BBC shows.  Granted I could be way off, but the trailers aren't making this show look any better.  I will however give it a chance and see if they can prove me wrong.

     BBC One's Atlantis premieres Saturday Sept. 28th at 8:25pm in the U.K. and in the US on Nov. 23rd.

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