WTF!? Google needs to fix this.

OK.  I love google, and their Blogger stuff. 
But I literally tried the "Next Blog" button on the top of the page 50 times.
I got (http://alpha-beta-tricks.blogspot.com/) 24 times, (http://www.indirelease.com/) 17 times,  and 9 other sites in between.  Seriously, WHAT THE HELL GOOGLE!?!?

I would very much like to scan through various blogs to see what's out there, and instead I get stuck in stupid loops of the same 2-3 blogs going on over and over.  I even went to other computers, tried starting the blog search from various bloggers' pages, and the same sites still repeat.  It is VERY annoying.  Especially when the 2 listed above don't have a "Next Blog" button on them.
This is a specific issue I have had many times, and it is really something that needs to be remedied.
Come on Google, this problem needs to be fixed, and I actually think out of all the bazillions of brilliant employees at your disposal, at least a handful could fix it with ease.

Also, the updated blog editor needs a spellchecker.

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