A Creepy Baby Head and an Iron Koala???

I hope Hagelrat enjoys the first one.  I took it some time in 1996-97.  I believe it is a ceramic baby head my friend's mom sculpted.  I cannot be 100% positive that she did or not, but whatever.

The second is from the top of a paper towel dispenser.  I was drying my hands in a bathroom at work and on the top of the dispenser was a scratched up keyhole that looked very much to me like an upside down metal koala. So I nabbed my camera phone and snapped a pic.  I still giggle every time I use that restroom.  I imagine it to be a robotic restroom attendant and I tip it with eucalyptus leaves.
Yes, of course I carry around imaginary eucalyptus leaves in my scrub pockets at work.  I keep it next to all my imaginary money.

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