The Potato Fairy/Spud Gnome Strikes Again!

Not once, but TWICE, I have visited by this kindly gift giving entity.

What an odd occurance.
Very odd indeed.

The little creeper has returned to bestow a whole batch of gifts upon my vehicle.
OK, that's a little harsh, they aren't a creeper, just a little sneaky.   I did receive a small amount of delicious treats.  So I am greatful of their generosity.

Now that I think about it, I believe the Potato Fairy may actually be a Spud Gnome.  Could a tiny woodland sprite heft the weight of a sack of taters?  Probably not.  Gnomes are very hardy little buggers and could easily carry large amounts of vegetable goodness.  Perhaps it was a being of close relation to the Garden Gnome, a creature that works the soil, one that lives to help plants grow.  Some kind of ground dweller helping out the growth of the land and distributing some of the spoils to those that care.  Either that, or it was a small squadron of Potato Fairies, each hauling a single spud through the air to the intended destination- my car. 
Nah!  I think it's gotta be a gnome.

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