A Spork and a Glass Head

Here are two more random things I dug out of an old Zip Disk:

The first is a small portion of a 3d Max picture I made in 2000-2001 or so. It was the only part of the image I liked- so I cropped everything else, which amounted to roughly 90 percent of the total picture. It was an ad I made up about a horrible breakfast cereal i made up, involving the ingesting of mass quantities of something along the lines of "214% of your Daily Vitamin Sugar Intake!", and now has "More Fiber Than a Handful of Gravel!!!" It was pretty much an amazing idea that didn't look quite how I wanted it to, so I kept the part I liked and scrapped the crap.

The second is a photo of a glass head one of my friends had in his basement. I set it up and snapped a shot. This picture is from, I believe, 1997. It turned out all right.

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