Heroes:Season 4-Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall

The new season of Heroes has begun.  It's not quite what I was hoping for.
I'll try and keep this shorter than all the other Heroes posts.

Angela Petrelli is still a manipulator.  Quickly becoming a second, maybe even third rate one at that.

The carnival folk- A bunch of people with powers in a travelling carnival?  Sounds an awful lot like HBO's series Carnivale.  Which is an awesome series.  Well, there seems to be the Leader Samuel who can move earth(telekinesis possibly) and control tattoos when placed in skin of both himself or others.  Maybe it's a metals or minerals control?  A girl that is a form of psychic, and is assisted with the tattoos to show others what she is seeing.  There is also an old fellow that can send a person through time, no telling if he has the same abilities as Hiro.  Hiro had the potential to send things/people away without needing to go as well, as shown when Arthur Petrelli took his power.  And lastly, there's Darth Faux-hawk himself-Ray Parks.  Big suprise, he uses kung fu type stuff.  Oh, and super speed.  They want to be family, and find others to adopt into the group.  Specifically Hiro, Claire, Peter, and Sylar.  They also want to retrieve a compass Danko has stashed in a lockbox in a bank.  Danko has placed great importance on it, even though it was never previously mentioned.  And it only appears to work when a powered individual touches it.

Hiro and Ando have started a call for a hero business, and their first client is saving a cat.  Hiro is still having problems with his abilities, such as nose bleeds, and him becoming frozen in time while other things remain in motion.  He ends up going back in time accidentally and changing the past to help Ando and Hiro's sister get together, with the aid/interference of Samuel, who was sent back by the old time manipulator from the carnival.  For some reason a spilled blue slurpy will cause a budding love to fizzle.  Stupid. 
Hiro also lets Ando know he is dying, and wants to help as many people as possible before he goes.
And a neat side note, I think I spotted Hiro's armor from the past in one of the hallways in his office building.

Tracy is on a revenge kick, offing anyone related to the group that caused her harm.  She goes after Bennett, and Danko saves him.  Noah offers Danko a 'free pass' that he refuses.  Tracy meets up with Noah, he then offers to help her, thinking he hasn't helped "a single on of you(superpeople)".  Obviously he must have forgotten about the numerous times he helped Claire.  And then that time he helped Ted and Matt get out of Primatech.  Or all the other times he helped.
He has the Haitian wipe Danko's memories of Tracy.  She arrives at Danko's place in time to see him not remember, then get sliced to hell by Edgar, the canrnival speedster.  Who was looking for the magical compass.
Where the hell was the Haitian last season?  On a damn vacatian?  If Bennett could get ahold of him in that short amount of time, taking Sylar down should have been no problem.  Stupid Heroes writers.

Claire is now in college.  She is rooming with a Too-Good-At-Everything girl that dominates everyone at a frat party in a grand moment of product placement.  I am sick of Guitar Hero everywhere.  If you want to play in a band, learn a real instrument.  It takes a little longer, but it sound better.  Miss I-Can't-Die also meets a dark haired girl that not only recognizes her as the survivor of a murder case, but may secretly be obsessed with Claire's living through it.
Goody-good commits suicide and the other girl gets Claire to investigate the possibility of it being a murder with her.  They talk about the Jump/Push/Fall hypothesis.  Each scenario would have a distinct distance away from the building.  Dark hair wants to borrow a corpse from a morgue and Claire just does it herself when she thinks nobody is around.  Yeah, fat chance.  Dark hair sees it.  Another shocker there, and Claire realizes it was a suicide.  Lame.

Nathan/Sylar/Nath-lar/Sy-than is having issues with himself.  Angela is an F-ing idiot.  She worked for the Company.  The company tried wiping Adam/Kensei's mind.  He got better, why would it work on Sylar?  He will heal and be himself again.  Unless he WANTS to be Nathan.  He can certainly do a hell of a lot more with the kind of political weight Nathan can throw around.  I still think things are heading to a very similar future to the 5 years gone. 

On the mental planes, Parkman is being perpetually harassed by the ghost of Sylar past after he vowed to stop using his powers.  Is this sort of like Usutu hanging around in his brainpan???  Like Parkman's versions of a shoulder angel and shoulder devil! (I can hear the tiny versions of them talking to Matt-"Do this!"  "No, do that!"...and so on.)  Couldn't he use his ability on himself to rid this pest?  Or is it his undermind attempting to push him until he begins using his powers again?  I think that might be it, because not using the abilities would be akin to walking around with one of your main senses being cut off.  How long can you continue to ignore the urge to use the gift given? 

Peter is back to his old broody, lame self.  Sure, I work for a hospital myself.  I understand the drive to help as many people as possible.  But only so many can be saved.  He claims he is trying to do some good to counteract all the bad "they've" done.  His family and the company.  Did he and Nathan blow up New York?  No.  Score 1 good guys.  Did Peter stop a super virus from decimating the populus?  Yes.  Score 2. points.  He also caught Sylar from becoming President Worf.  That's 3. 
Whatever, he thinks he needs to be faster to save more lives.  It leads coworkers to believe he is setting up accidents to become a hero.  So he ends up helping Bennett to go get the magic compass just so he can get Edgar's speed.  It goes well and they get the compass, Peter gets a new ability, and everything is hunky dory.  Until Edgar stabs Bennett later and gets the compass.  Peter helps Bennett, and goes on to help others.  Then Bennett sort of has a not-date with Tracy in the hospital.

Here is another a ridiculous issue.  Why the hell would Peter not have taken Sylar's power in the last season?  That would enable him to begin collecting other abilities as well(without killing them-essentially returning his old power, we already know Sylar can take powers that way).  He has already had it and can push the "hunger" away.  Besides Peter began a wall like a Bizarro version of Sylar's season 1 wall.  A collection of saved lives.  It would really make sense for him to take the ability to right as much as he can.  Very interesting developement and it could have major story potential.  Come to think of it, if he wants speed, why doesn't he just get in touch with Hiro.  Then he'll have as much time as he needs.  Literally infinite time.  If there's a mistake, oh, just go back a little and fix it.
I would also like to know how long will Peter avoid Nathan?  He wasn't in the room when Angela, Noah, and Matt did the work on Sylar, so does he know?  If not, all he has to do is touch him to absorb an ability that isn't flight to realize what happened.

Hopefully the writer's will get better as I am expecting more of this show.

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