Punch Pizza?

By the names alone one would assume that the war on hunger is being taken way too seriously. 
These names imply the wholesale obliteration of any hunger you may have had before eating.  You may think that devouring these foods results in an assault against your taste buds, fully-loaded with an arsenal of atomic flavor, and followed shortly after by the complete and utter destruction to your innards.
You would be half right.
Both places deliver quite a smack in the mouth and a wallup to your stomach.  In a good way.
So no need to worry.  You may partake of the great tastes without fear of angry food demons focused on marching their tiny army through your viscera, tramping through soft inner tissues, and laying waste to the your digestive tract.  All this intended damage is towards hunger, not your person.
Be forewarned though, after eating these tasty treats you may need a 3 hour nap to recover.

Punch is a Neapolitan pizza place(whatever that means) and use wood-burning, brick ovens.
Here's the link: http://www.punchpizza.com/

Smashburger makes 1/3 to 1/2 lb. burgers, hotdogs, and salads.
Here's the link: http://www.smashburger.com/

Try them if you ever get the chance.  I'm not much of a burger person, but Smash is DAMN good.
Pizza is almost a dietary staple of mine, and Punch has displaced my former #1 placeholder Pizza Man.

These are GREAT EATS even if the names evoke a feeling of possible future bodily harm.
"The 8th seal was broken.
A great nectar was poured into the mouth of man,
Heavenly delicacies were placed upon the tongue.
Without fear of digestive wrath,
No devilish havoc at work in thy bellies,
And there was much rejoicing."
-Joshua's Foodpocalypse 6:17-19.

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