Heroes Reborn: Aurora: Thoughts and Ideas

     I see with this new teaser we get our good old friend Mr. Bennett seemingly needing to protect a young, possibly Inuit girl from a suspicious man.  A very brief glimpse into what may be to come.  There really isn't much to go on, but it looks interesting no less.  They've got my attention and curiosity, so I'll be on board.

     If anyone here has been a long time reader, you know I both liked and hated Heroes.  I spent a lot of time writing long winded poorly formatted blog posts full of questions and hopes that never happened in the show.  There was so much potential that took a hell of a downhill slide in later seasons.  The comic series was all right, but the creators hadn't really re-captured the magic of the first season.  Personally I believe that they tried making it too big, some global shift instead of focusing on smaller stories about everyday people with extraordinary abilities.
     With this new series, I wonder if they can pare down the crap and make it great again.  I even thought up a great way to bridge into a new season, with the return of a killer (this was before I knew Zachary Quinto officially declined to return).  It would be an amazing and dangerous threat as Samson Gray would return with a purpose.  [ Click here to read the whole post ]

     Initially, I had thought it up and wanted to pitch it to Dynamite Comics as a 6 issue run, with flashbacks to Samson's younger days set in a type of period piece to mimic his new path as an older serial killer.  Hell I may still pitch it.  Considering I have a few hundred pages of notes outlining a small story.

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          I see the oldest is from 2008.  It's been a while.

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