Ducktales Remastered: PS3 Mini Review

     Growing up I wasn't much of a Ducktales fan.  The show didn't really appeal to me, for me it was always Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.  I'd always preferred Chip 'n Dale over Scrooge McDuck, especially when it came to their games, and I do remember playing them both quite well.  Right alongside other platformers that stand the test of time like the original Super Mario Bros. or Metroid.  They each had a long-lasting impression of games being well-made, not some sloppy mess that quite a few Nintendo games wound up being.

     But now, over 20 years since Ducktales first arrived on the Nintendo (NES) in 1989, Wayforward Technologies has updated the classic.  So without the nostalgia factor tinting my judgement- I played through this, and it was really good.  It's a great call back to the good old days of gaming when things had just the right amount of difficulty and was bound together with a dash of story and wrapped in a heap of good fun.

     Wayforward has given the game an entire overhaul in terms of visuals.  The sprites are outstanding, animations are smooth and clean, and the new cutscenes are tremendous.  They've also redone the music, added new story elements to make it more cohesive, and in a brilliant manouevre- they added voice recordings.  New ones- including many of the original cast and most notably, the original voice of Scrooge McDuck himself, Alan Young.
     Mr. McDuck now gets to trek through the 5 levels in any order you like to unlock a final level where the added story elements pay off.  I mean having the ability to dive into the preposterous coin vault of money hoarding Scrooge is a small dream come true, even for someone that isn't really a fan.

     In the end, I believe Wayforward's Ducktales: Remastered is exactly the type of remaster that retro games of yesteryear deserve.  They put in all the love and fondness from the original, keeping the spirit intact, while adding just the right amount of added things to improve upon our sometimes foggy nostalgia-fueled memories.  Ducktales: Remastered is definitely worth your time if you ever liked the show or the game.

     This actually makes me wonder if we'll get any more remasters with this amount of work and care...

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