An Open-World Metal Gear Solid is What Kojima Wants

     Hideo Kojima has stated in an interview with Famitsu, when asked if PS4 and Xbox One users would ever get to play the previous Metal Gear games updated for the next gen systems, that he is too busy for that size of a project.

     It is a very understandable answer, but he followed it with something quite interesting,
     That said, he elaborated further, by saying that he’d like to play in an open world Shadow Moses, so he’d like to see a remake of the first game. Unfortunately, no one steps forward to do it.
     Such a production, Kojima continued, would not only need the tools and the engine, but also the workforce, as he thinks everyone would like to play in the first game.

     All right developers out there, here's your chance.  If some group steps up for this project, an open-world Shadow Moses for Metal Gear Solid- you will have the backing of millions of potential Kickstarter donors and the support of the original creator himself.  It's a win-win scenario for whoever takes this up.
     This game was the seminal moment in my renewing of gaming as a major influence for my life.  It cemented the knowledge that games could be so much more than what was currently out there, and pointed towards what could eventually be.  If it gets announced, I'll donate in a heartbeat.

     Source [ DualSHOCKERS ]

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