I'm completely trustworthy!

     I went to a party this weekend that was themed on douchebaggery.  It was everyone dressing up in some form of douchey-ness and it was epic.  Here is a pic of me in all my swarthy getup.  Fear all ye that look upon this image!

     On a side note, Ryan blew everyone out of the water in his surfer-boy douche duds.  The pink polo, 2 odd angled visors, fake tattoos and retro sparkle glasses? GENIUS!  The wig and commitment to "in character" attitude are what really set him ahead of everyone.  Even ahead of all those people that were real life douchebags that showed up in their natural state.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!  *grumble grumble*  Being an actual douchebag doesn't count when attending a douchebag party... 

Ryan as Chet (pronounced Shet)

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