Batman: Arkham City: Potential New Secrets

Catwoman.  Just a pic.
     The "3 or 4 Easter Eggs left" is really driving me bonkers.  I have personally found the hidden Scarecrow radio stations(didn't bother translating or decode), the Killer Croc button(but couldn't get him to appear- I tried both too early and too late), and the Harley Quinn pregnancy test. 
Although I would've NEVER found the Scarecrow barge without looking it up.
     So these last few are really nagging me.  While I love the game, I want to move on to other things.
      Anyways, there has been a petition on the forums to have Rocksteady games just come out and release the Easter Eggs now.  It's in the Forums: Spoilers! area.
Also a bunch of decent ideas on the Gamefaqs forums(PS3):

     While I don't think they should outright tell us, hints or Riddler riddles to nudge us in the right direction would be very nice.  I mean nobody has any idea if it's something small like the Pregnancy test, or something big like all the Scarecrow stuff.  Maybe even barely findable like Arkham Asylum's hidden office.  Who could've found that without hints!?!?
     Seriously, I am not wasting all that time foaming and exploding every damn wall around to find a room with a hint at the next game.  Or using every other gadget in the arsenal to locate what may be something just mundane. 


     In all my renewed excitement for the Batman: Arkham City- and the gaming community surrounding it- I must say, I'm HIGHLY impressed at the level of teamwork and cooperation people are giving to find and follow up on these last few Easter eggs!  Well done people!
     So at least one was "subtle" in the demo, which makes me think it's in only the first area of the game.  The Bowery and Park Row.  Then from there I'd guess in an outdoor area, so either Batman or Catwoman would have access.  But really, how would we narrow down what they consider an egg?  I hope it's something semi large at least.
     So while scouring the net and various forums I've come across a bunch of newer ideas and theories.  Maybe there are a few as Catwoman?  Doubtful, but still a possibility.
     I've personally noticed that there seems to be a bunch of various goons or henchmen that run off and hide nearby.  Anyone try to scan/interrogate them?  Maybe sequencer them(this one's a long shot- robotic people)? 

     Then the Maxie Zeus theory: being quoted as "he couldn't be far" from the nightclub.  Perhaps needing the Remote Electrical Charge gun to open or find it.  There are also multiple areas that distinctly "nightclub" music is playing.  So look all over, not in the club, but elsewhere- maybe triangulate the music hot spots or something.

     A few have speculated on Man-bat having a nest area in the church. 

     And I'm still kind of hoping for a bit more Scarecrow stuff.  There were multiple in game suggestions as to where he went.  One was that Killer Croc got him in the sewers, so maybe there is something down there-  Perhaps his syringe glove?  And another suggests he got to safety on a Titan container and went to sea.  Maybe he can be spotted on the horizon at some point sailing a Titan ship. 

     The Lost references- could there be a small island somewhere that only appears at a certain time during the main game? As I see it the eggs can be found at any point in the game, but does "during the game" constitute only until you beat the final battle? Does it include all the free roam afterwards?  What if... Scarecrow's fear gas makes something LOOK like a mysterious island...
     There is that small platform kind of behind and a bit south of the GCPD building.  Mr. Freeze's ice path to Nora passes it.  Actually there are a bunch of small island like things in that flooded area.
     Remember these are just ideas.  

     Also- I spotted a few of these around, this is from Croc's "lair" on the wall by his manacles on the bed, and I also saw one in the Wonder tower area.  Can't read what it says, but hmmmm...    

     If anyone has any more thoughts or ideas, let me know, I'm totally down for some secret hunting.


  1. Ratcatcher hasn't been seen since the Penguin's goons nabbed him...you'd think someone would've seen him by now.

  2. First- thank you for commenting!
    Second- that's a good thought. Now that you mention that, I do recall hearing some goons talk about someone being eaten alive by rats, and it never occured to me to look for anything in the area. There is a definite possibility an Easter egg related to Ratcatcher in the museum area. If I get time tomorrow I may check this out, perhaps a rats nest, some ratcatcher equipment, or whatnot. Granted, there are rats just about everywhere, this is still worth a look.
    Thanks again for commenting!

  3. Down crime alley, next to where Bruce's parents were shot, there is a "No standing anytime" sign on the wall. There is a dead end opposite that, go over the car and put detective mode on. There seems to be some moss like shapes and if you tilt the camera they go further than the door. Hope I've explained this clearly enough to see, but I though maybe the door may open? Shaunl23

    1. I checked this out and this may be one of those glitches where you see the invisible part of the gaming world, but those mosses actually seem to be cracks and let you see into the basment of the building. And I even saw the orange glowing door through one of these cracks. BUT, this is just the door to Riddlers first hostage room, that whole building is one of Riddlers. So, nothing there I don't think

    2. One thing I noticed about crime alley. Stand where Bruces parents chalk line is, just stand there. And listen. I swear I can hear either gunshots or some other sound in this one area. I moved to other near areas and heard nothing, but here.

  4. Sorry, it took so long to reply- I'll try and check this out a bit later this week!

  5. try investigating more about the connection with riddler and hush and riddlers master. I know who is riddlers master. trying to see if u can figure it out. hint: for master secret villan hardly any other villan knows him

  6. Hello Destruction, I cannot make videos yet- Looking into getting a HD PVR 2 for video capture on the PS3. If I can find a decently priced one I'll make a vid and post it.
    As I recall, I was sneaking around in the museum when I heard the Ratcatcher thing. It seems like a random occurance, but I'll see if I can find it again.
    For the Shaunl23 Crime Alley thing, I couldn't get it to work myself, but I'll try it again.

    As for the Riddler and Hush thing- sounds intriguing... Definitely looking into this idea later. Riddler tends to have far too much intel on things, and Hush managed to leave the city after the increase in security, so outside assistance could have been provided.

    1. ok
      Some1 helped hush leave the city i know 2 people who have assisted him can u find out indeed riddler has more intel he knows about the secret villan i was talking about earlier
      Reply quickly and reply every thing

  7. I dunno if this has been found yet or not, But Azrael is in one of the church windows, impaling what looks like a T-Rex through the head
    Plenty of graves with writing in a different language are around the church too, if that's anything

  8. I think I just found one
    A bar up the road (found it before the highway gets blown up) is called the Black Canary.
    Not big, but the Black Canary is the name of Green Arrows missus. Thoughts?

  9. Haven't seen Azrael in the windows yet, I'll be checking that a bit after Christmas. Saw the graves, but I cannot translate any of it.
    As for the Black Canary, that's been known for a while, although many on the official forums son't really consider it one of the Easter Eggs. Black Canary is also in Batman lore- she is part of the Birds of Prey series and works with Barbara Gordon.

  10. something occured to me
    Hush had three victims in Arkham City, didn't he?
    well, in Riddler's lair, near his computers theres a board with his hostages, and i think three are crossed out
    this further imply that Riddler and Hush were working together?

    also, i was standing on top of Catwoman's aprtment and noticed i could see into it, those triangular roof windows (whatever they are called) any chance you could see into more of these around the city?

  11. Actually I preferred easter eggs stay as it they are... I haven't seen a game in a long time with many things hidden. That gives life to the game. It's better torocksteady to keep silent he

  12. That's a pretty good thought process. I enjoy the hunt, and fully love the process, but also realize that I'll never find all of them- which is why I scour the net looking for ones I missed. Killer Croc for example. I saw the button, and couldn't get it to work, but found out it was a time sensitive occurance.

    The only thing about them keeping silent is, what if no one finds them? How can they be appreciated?
    After thinking about this, it wouldn't be to bad if they either didn't release them or waited until after the next Arkham/Batman game has been released and become the focus. It'll renew the urge to find hidden things and replay for just pure fun.

  13. the letters spelling VOTE missing from hotel next to courthouse.

  14. There is at least one in the Processing Center, in that one room with all the smaller rooms leading off from it. If you throw your remote batarang at a particular corner of the room and slip it in through a niche in the wall, you can see a room with boxes on shelves (warehouse-looking) and a set of double doors. No idea how to get into that room aside from the glimpse. It's in a high corner, kitty corner to the door that's locked with a sheet of metal across it.

  15. If I'm not mistaken, that particular room needs a glitch to get into. It's worth looking into though, I'll be replaying this before Arkham Origins (and Blackgate) are released.

  16. With Origins looming I've really been getting back into City, too. I was particularly wondering if any more secrets were ever located when I stumbled across your page. Glad I'm not the only one still looking :) Never noticed Azrael in the stain glass before - that was cool. Did anyone ever figure out the "open/close" noise that occurs when moving through one very specific spot outside Zeus'? It's right by the tree in the water. You can activate it no matter what height you are at. Best way to locate is using the line-launcher and tight roping it across and moving back and forth. But if there is a door opening/closing, I'm damned if I can find it. The other thing that I always found curious was how sometimes during the menu background it shows something different rather than The Batman decking a thug. I've seen Mr. Freeze, Soloman Grundy and The Joker posing before it reverted to the usual animation. Always thought that odd... :/ Haven't found the glitch in the Processing Center, but found the one in the church where you can chuck a remote through and see the shell of the church all eerily lit up and missing walls.

  17. No doubt- I've been itching to get back in, but someone borrowed my copy of Arkham City. As far as I've seen- no one has figured out the door noise by Zues' place

    Good idea to look into the loading screens- could be hints left anywhere.

    Both the remote batarang and line launcher are SUPER helpful for finding potential secrets!

    Also, Thanks for commenting!

  18. Me again! :)

    Crazy how this game has pulled me back in so completely lately. More crazy is the fact that when I was playing constantly at first that after finishing the game (and plus mode) how I could never get all those Riddler's Revenge trophies and the achievements that came with them. The last one or two extreme missions just had me for a spin. It annoyed the hell out of me as Arkham Asylum was (and still is) the only game I ever achieved 100% on. Truthfully, it was the only game I ever wanted too achieve 100% on until its sequel. I was always so desperate to do the same on AC, but could never pull it off. Now, over a year later, coming back to the game, having to figure it all out again, I've some how blasted those final challenges and am working my way through the campaigns one-by-one. Funny how time can bring clarity to a challenge.

    On the matter of the unsolved door noise, it was originally suggested it was a hint towards the Scarecrow's secret room, but I never bought that as its not really near, and the noise comes from the mainland, not the flooded part of the city. But the whole reason for initially writing this piece is that I hadn't noticed before that the same noise occurs when you EXIT the Concept Art on the options screen. Probably crazy random happenstance, but piqued my interest.

    Personally, I'm thinking all the secrets have been found and these odd little "events" are Rocksteady's way of sending peeps like us to the real world equivalent of Arkham Asylum - looking for patterns and codes where there are none! :) Damn them!

    Hope ya get your game back ASAP. This one is as fresh now as it was on release.

    Also, thanks for responding (and writing the original piece)! ;)

  19. Hahaha! I struggled for weeks on a couple of the Riddler challenges, and the time away (a week or so) helped a LOT. I had a couple moments where I felt like a complete idiot for not figuring it out right away. I love them, but there are SOOOOOO many it feels daunting.

    For the door noise- I figure if no one's gotten it yet- either it's nothing (glitch/etc) or Rocksteady will have to release a hint of some sort. No way it could be a hint towards Scarecrow's barge- you are totally right- it's much too far from the location of the boat.
    For the same noise on the concept art screen- perhaps there is a connection? It would be an odd egg, because most of them are in game, but there really isn't a rulebook saying Easter eggs have to be in game- there is no reason one couldn't appear in the galleries or credits or something. In fact, I know plenty of movies that throw things into the credits. (one film had a bunch of recipes listed)

    No problem on the responses- I enjoy the gaming communities for this purpose. For a while I was on the Rocksteady Arkham forums but that petered off. I may swing back through to see if anyone has found something while I've been away.

    Thank you again for commenting- and best of luck in finding something. I'll be asking around to see who may have took my copy so I can give it another play through before Origins and Blackgate arrive.

    One last note- when is Rocksteady going to announce the Bat-game Arkham sequel they are obviously working on for next gen consoles?


  20. Had not heard about that last tidbit, but that is great news if it's true - Conroy IS The Batman. If the next one is coming, I'd expect it at least a year or so after Origins, but then if they are building it side-by-side, it might arrive sooner to push the next-gen consoles and show what they can do...? Might also explain why Origins is a prequel, Rocksteady wanting to pursue the story of City in-house...or it could feed back to the JLA news that was doing the rounds after AC came out. Interesting.