Batman: Arkham City: Easter Egg Humor

     After spending ludicrous amounts of time searching for eggs in game and on various forums I made these to add a bit of humor to the search for anyone that swings by here. 

     First- a fake Easter egg secret that I've been wondering about during the endless city searches.  Has anyone watched the skies for anything out of the ordinary?  Man-bat shadows perhaps?  Or what about watching farther out on the waters, maybe something could be floating around- I mean one of the Scarecrow things mentioned in game was that he might have escaped to sea on a Titan container.  Possibly after the also-mentioned Killer Croc attack on him in the sewers.  Just a couple thoughts.

     And one about a joke I made like 2 years ago on twitter.

      Once again, thanks to all the forums and gaming community members in the search for the last remaining Arkham City secrets.  It's been a fun time- quite nice to see entire groups working together to find things in a game.

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