Borderlands 2 Countdown: One Month to Release!

     I only have time for a quick post, so I'm embedding a video.  It's of my personal favorite weapon manufacturer. 
     ***UPDATE TO POST- because NOT ONE OF THE EMBED FEATURES WORK, i have to post a link here***  (seriously, 2K, IGN, and G4- NONE of them works, each one has a 'broken' link or a missing piece of code)

     Maliwan: Where Form Meets Function.


     I love how elegant and simple the trailer is.  Very clinical and scientific.  While I'm not liking the strange new weapon design, it looks so odd and unwieldy- more like the alien Eridian weapons- but I'll give it time, maybe it'll grow on me.  I also miss the blue coloration of Maliwan guns in the first Borderlands.  Perhaps that will return as well.
     Note -On 11/07/09 my first massive Borderlands post was magically deleted from the draft function in blogger so I have no really good Borderlands 1 posts to refer to.  Only 2 posts have ever been lost from the draft feature and they were quite large so I was super angry.  But anyways- I am super pumped for this game!!! 

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