Borderlands 2: New-U Stations

     This post is about a question that's bothered me since playing the first Borderlands game.  The New-U stations exist to recover you from death as a respawn point.  Once you die the stations take your genetic make up to reconstruct your body after death. 
New-U Station

"It stores a character's DNA against the possibility of "accidental death or dismemberment" and can create an entirely new body to replace the recently deceased one." (from the Borderlands wiki)
     With the New-U stations being located all over the place, why hasn't anyone hacked them to use for devious means.  Trick the system into believing they're is dead and printing an army of themselves.  I posted something like this on the Gearbox: Borderlands 2 Forums and a fellow over there gave a brilliant answer-
"It's not a loophole at all. It's also been tried before. Why do you think that the bandits who all appear to be identical clones of each other (in their respective categories at least) are batshit crazy? Because they tried to use the New-U system to create an army. The problem is that part of what happens is that your consciousness gets transferred to the new body. If you have two bodies that are supposed to have the same consciousness at the same time, it gets fragmented. Up to about 4 clones of the same person, and you're still pretty safe (hence why you can have 4 of the same vault hunter). Too many more than that and the fragmentation is too much, and insanity sets in."   -Lollybomb
     While a great idea, I'd think it would be more like printing movies or video games.  All the consciousnesses are duplicated in the process of creating the new being.  The information is fully recorded and produced, not a single consciousness spread out over multiple bodies.  I mean none of the psychos seem to get any smarter after killing 1,000 of them.  So the consciousness isn't spreading or condensing.

Handsome Jack has Heterochromia?
      In Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack is now in charge of Hyperion and is what one might consider a MASSIVE ego maniac. Hyperion is the owner and producer of the New-U stations so why not make use of this great potential?

     If anyone would want to make an entire planet love him it would be Handsome Jack- and a whole Pandora of Handsome Jack's would certainly love itself. 
...Or would it hate itself and all the Jacks would end up fighting each other to be the greatest Handsome Jack ever?  Moxxie could sell a billion tickets to that show.

     Unfortunately for us, the Hyperion corporation has found a wonderful way of keeping their employees alive even after the worst case scenarios have played out.  Which also means Handsome Jack may survive death with "Infinite Continues," so to say.  They could also use it as a horrible torture device- torturing people to death, resurrecting them and starting all over. 
     They could also possibly track people's movement with the New-U post activations.  There are tons of possibilities.  So many uses.

     The good part of this New-U system is all the DNA samples could prevent extinction.  The bad part is that beasts like Skagzilla, the Rakk Hive, and Crawmerax the Invincible have all clearly been part of this as they all return repeatedly.

     Well, just some food for thought while waiting through the next month until the game is released.  I am so excited for this game.  Happy hunting for all of you fellow Vault hunters.

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