Outcast Season 1: Cinemax's First Trailer

     Cinemax has released the first trailer for the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's Outcast.  Kirkman, probably most famous for being the creator of The Walking Dead, has a slew of great comics, and this is a series that could do very well on television.

     The supernatural-horror genre needs some more backing and this could do the trick.  Outcast is the story of a man, Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), that has dealt with demonic possession and the loss it causes his whole life.  He is aided in his quest to find a life of normalcy by Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister), who has been dealing with demons of the personal variety.  They have a dark and dangerous road to walk on the path they find themselves upon- and Cinemax seems to have captured the creepy atmosphere perfectly.

     Outcast will be coming to Cinemax in 2016.

     In the mean time, I'd recommend reading the comic book series featuring awesome art by Paul Azaceta

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