Disney INfinity 3.0: 116 Total Figures by the End of 3.0's Run

     Today John Vignocchi, Vice President of Production for Disney Interactive, tweeted a nice response to this @DisneyCheats image:

     The image is a Disney Infinity logo ingeniously making a map of all the playable figures- both currently available and those to come.  Yes, all those Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars logos are unannounced figures to come according to Vignocchi himself (link @ the 5:10 mark):
     “In fact that figure wall has a whole bunch of open slots for characters we haven’t announced yet.  So it’s funny because everyone kept saying, ‘Are there any more Disney characters? Are there more Star Wars characters? Are there more Marvel characters?’ And if you’re here, you can actually see, yeah there are a TON of open slots for a ton of new characters. And we’re excited to reveal those over time.”  
     So if we are hearing this correctly- that means there are currently 9 Star Wars, 16 Disney, and 4 Marvel characters for Disney INfinity 3.0 that are all still unannounced.  A whopping 29 as yet unnamed playable characters!  It makes sense, no figures have been shown for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Ep. 7) and we know that has been mentioned as being a guaranteed playset.  Plus, Marvel has Ant-Man arriving in theaters next Friday which offers more possibilities.  And, of course, Disney/Pixar has about a billion movies to choose from for more playable characters.  The potential playable list here is great.  Let the speculation commence!

     This makes me super excited for Disney INfinity 3.0 to be arriving on August 30th!

     Source [ INfinity Inquirer ]

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