Ant-Man: My Ant-icipation is Growing

     It's no surprise to anyone that reads this blog that I am super excited for Ant-Man.  Getting new information and TV Spots are not helping any.  I finally got my hands on Lego Hank Pym toy, and there has been news about the upcoming video game tie ins that I am appreciative of.

I made this nice Ant-Man Splat GIF for funsies.
     Though, I am a little sad Marvel isn't licensing Ant-Man his own small mobile game, which could be unbelievable if handled well enough with his shrinking/growing powers, and even more interesting if you consider his ability to communicate with ants.

     What games Marvel has announced a slew of tiny tie-ins with are:
  • Marvel Pinball players will go against Yellowjacket in a multi-ball fight.
  • Puzzle Quest will receive an “Ant-Man” 30-day story event with 5 new missions.
  • Avenger’s Alliance Ant-Man will get a special operation.
  • Contest of Champions has a new alliance quest, a new story event & PvP tournaments.
  • Future Fight will host 4 new characters, 5 new stages and 2 costume variants.
  • Marvel Heroes look for enhanced costumes for Ant-Man including the theatrical outfit.
     Really, I'm only interested in the Future Fight and Marvel Heroes games- which are getting some of the better stuff, such as playable Ant-Men.  So despite not getting his own portable mini-game for phones, these offer the best options to that.

     As far as Marvel films have been going, I think Ant-Man will be closer to being along the lines of the Guardians of the Galaxy than what the Avengers related films have been.  What I mean is this film seems to feel like a much smaller scaled focus on people, a closer look at the people instead of the world dominating circumstances of the Avengers.  Yes, Guardians did have a galactic threat, but really came down to the story of a small group becoming friends and working together.  It used ample humor and great characterization versus the spectacle of global destruction.  So I really hope Ant-Man can pull it off.

     Source [ LA Times ]

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