Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice NEW Comic-Con Trailer & Thoughts

     The new trailer has dropped and we get a little Alfred, Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman as well as a whole LOT of destruction.  I also appreciate the Joker nod with the newspaper clipping as well.

     It appears we now know why Batman has decided Superman must be stopped- fallout from the Zod fight ruining the lives of innocents.  The intriguing notion that Lex might be using Zod's body to create a weapon against the Man of Steel is quite ingenious.

     My only qualms are really with the spectacle of substance.  There are a lot of ridiculous action shots and only a little bit of story.  Granted, I'll have to wait to see the finished version, but since it is Zack Snyder, the likelihood of it running in the same superficial vein as all his other films is very high.  Every film he's made has the appearance of great depth, but after watching them the realization is that they focus on action over meaning.  I hope (insert the "It's Not and 'S'" joke here) that this film changes the pattern.

     Hell, DC Comics might actually have a shot at competing with the Marvel films' box office domination.

     Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th, 2016.

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