Titan Quest: Making Its Way to Android and iOS Devices

     Back in 2006 Iron Lore Entertainment did something I thought impossible- they made a hack 'n' slash game like Diablo, but somehow, much more appealing to me.  They did that with Greek Mythology.  Simple and wonderous- they took the fantastic elements of ancient mythology and let us play in the role of a hero of those times in places such as Greece and Egypt.

     Last week it was announced that I'll soon be able to play it again, aside from the original disc copies I still have, of both Titan Quest and its expansion pack Immortal Throne, but now it'll be on mobile.  Both Android and iOS devices are slated to be brought Titan Quest by developer DotEmu in partnership with Nordic Games (who purchased the game from former publisher THQ a few years ago).
     They'll be cleaning up the graphics and keeping the game in 3D, and they will be including virtual controls and buttons for easy adapting to the mobile touch screens.  DotEmu has ported other classics such as the Metal Slug games to phones and have quite a high standard, so I'm extremely exited for this update of Titan Quest.
     Now to see if it'll include the Immortal Throne expansion as well...

     Titan Quest is due in late 2015.

     Source [ Pocket Gamer ]

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