Final Fantasy VII: Remake Announced

     It's good to know that with enough fans we can get remakes of amazing old games updated for the modern systems.

     An interesting trailer, the group is getting back together, but will we be able to save Aeris this time with our huge stash of Phoenix Downs?

     Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available first on PS4.


  1. Lets be honest, they can promise us a FFVII remake, but its going to be a very long time before that ever becomes a thing....

  2. Well, I think they've been working on it for some time now. Since they are essentially completely remaking it, not just porting it- I can see it taking an absurdly long time. Considering how massive the project is, you can be certain the creators will make a supreme effort to please the fans, especially in this particular case.

    Also, I just saw this comment, the notification went to my spam folder instead of inbox.