Slayin': Review (Android)

     Once in a while an insanely minimalist game comes along and hits all the right notes, and Slayin' is definitely one of them.  Sure, it is an old release, already out for PC and iOS devices, but Android gets 3 new classes of characters to play as!
     The Tamer, Archer, and Ninja have joined the previous three members of the cast (The Knight, Mage, and Knave).  Each character plays quite differently than any of the others, and do alter the gameplay, but in a wonderful way.  Learning to master each one takes a little time, and keeps players invested in continuing to play.

     The game is ultra simple.  You pick a character, starting with the Knight and unlocking others with gold from playing (or through IAPs), then run back and forth killing as many creatures as possible, leading up to boss monster encounters every so often,  before you die.  It sounds quite boring and repetitive, but the truth of the matter is, Slayin' somehow manages to keep interesting due to the nature of its simplicity.

     To keep things going, every so often a merchant arrives and offers items for sale to lengthen the lifespan of your hero- new weapons, food, potions, etc- all to extend the single life each run of the character has.
     There are even new modes to unlock including an Advanced Mode and a Boss Rush Mode.  The longer you play the more you can unlock, simple and effective.

     To be honest, I was initially hesitant because of the super retro-pixelated graphics and the simplistic back-and-forth gameplay, but after playing it- it is supremely addictive.  Not only that, the IAPs are really not pushed in your face at all.  FDG Games kept them as unobtrusive as they could.  You can pay if you want to get some nice early unlocks or some purely aesthetic changes, but since none of them are truly necessary you don't have to "FEEL" like needing to buy things.  Slayin' never has a moment that screams pay-to-win, never has a play wall, and the IAPs are hidden in the tavern menu- it really is a skill based game so it's never necessary to buy anything at all.  Although, I would recommend doing so just to continue to support FDG Games' continued game making abilities for gems like this.

     Slayin' is worth far more than its free-to-play may lead people to believe.

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