Dishonored 2: Official E3 2015 Trailer & Thoughts

     After a long run of rumor and speculation of a coming sequel to the 2012 hit game Dishonored (which I thought was "pretty damn fun"), we get an official announcement trailer for Dishonored 2 from Arkane Studios!

     Dishonored 2 takes your protagonist -- choose between Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin -- to the coastal city of Karnaca where the choices you make will have significant impact on the world. 
     Both assassins have their own unique set of powers, weapons, and tools to provide creative and exciting new ways to eliminate targets. 
     It shouldn't come as any surprise that Arkane would be working on a sequel to Dishonored with how well it sold.  What is a small surprise is the choice of EITHER Corvo or newcomer Emily Kaldwin.  Which makes me wonder if we not only get 2 characters will we also get 2 storylines as well?  If the trailer is any indication Arkane has another great hit on the way with Dishonored 2.

     Dishonored 2 will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Spring 2016.

     For more information follow at [ Dishonored ]

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