LEGO Marvel's Avengers: First Trailer in All Its Tiny Blocky Glory & A Release Delay

     Good news for all of us LEGO video game fans, not only will we have the LEGO Jurassic World in just a few days (June 12), we will be getting LEGO Marvel's Avengers later this year, as well as the massive toys-to-life Lego Dimensions game this December.

     Today we get the first trailer for the Avengers game:

     Considering Marvel's Avengers film came out 3 years ago, it seems a bit odd that with the first LEGO Avengers trailer also adds a release date delay from this fall to this winter, making it a full 3 and a half years after the film came out to be a tie in.  I mean seriously LEGO Marvel Super Heroes came out in October 2013, and it was an amazing game with all the Avengers- so why backtrack and follow what appears to be the movie from 3 years ago?  Sure, there is a nice flash of Ultron at the end, hinting at the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie being lumped into the game as well, but still- why did it take so damn long?

     Which makes me wonder, is TT Games hiding something?  Maybe a tie-in to the upcoming Ant-Man?  Or, very, very unlikely, the Guardians of the Galaxy?

     Either way, I'll be playing this and probably enjoying the hell out of it as well.

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