Josh News Update: June 1st: Birthday 2015 Edition!

     In a typical Josh fashion, I remembered my birthday while at work after being reminded of it by The Lady via Facebook.  Granted I don't keep tabs on much in the way of celebratory days, I spent most of today at the hospital (work).  No big deal.

What the hell happened at 2am?
     Anyways, I saw there was an unusually high spike in traffic on this blog at 2am.  Very odd.

     For some small personal news I've taken the summer off of continuing education and am almost done with an internship.  My backlog of blog posts is absurd, with exactly 780 drafts currently sitting in various states of completion, ranging from mostly done reviews, to small ideas and sketches, to long ramblings.  So hopefully I can crank up the output.  I know I've mentioned before that I'm working on getting some video content to add to the blog so hopefully videos will be available by the end of June.

     Hobby wise, I'm currently horribly addicted to Marvel Heroes 2015, halfway through Ether One on PS4, 3/4ths complete with Dying Light, and am absurdly excited for Marvel's Ant-Man film.  A part of me was disappointed when I found out the Ant-Man Lego set was supposed to be available today (according to "Brickipedia"), and I couldn't find it anywhere around here on my way home.

     Looking back, I was essentially in the same state of life 2 years ago on my Birthday.  I had an enormous backlog of things to do, and I did increase the blog output, but I believe I can do better.  Much, much better.  I am attempting to be more creative and actually get some of my childhood dreams accomplished.  Making comic books and writing small pulp books to be more specific.  I am on the way to having both of them professionally accomplished soon.  So, keeping fingers crossed, I may have some interesting stuff to be available for readers soon.

     Here's the difference in numbers of posts from 2 years ago to today:

Vs. the old numbers: 623/203/420.

     Back to finishing some of that backlog...

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