Borderlands 2: Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre Headhunter Review

A Valentine's Innuendo... Bot 5000

     Love is in the air on Pandora.  With the Holiday of Valentine's upon us Moxxi has tasked the Vault Hunters with bringing the long feuding Zafords and Hodunks together- in the form of marrying a pair of star-crossed lovers and creating peace and stopping the clan war.  Two goliaths have produced a giant child and are trying to call off their wedding!
     Along the way you get commentary from Moxxi (Love), Ellie (KILL 'EM ALL!), and Innuendobot 5000 (My hat looks like a penis.).  Nothing too amazing, but still, for $3 it was a decent reason to return to Borderlands 2.

     That is a slightly different take on the previous Seasonal/Holiday-themed Headhunter DLC Packs (TK Baha's Bloody Harvest, The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler, and How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day) where we were sent in to take out a specific boss that was terrorizing the area- we are supposed to be bringing people together, but in true Borderlands spirit we end up causing more havoc and fighting a boss anyway.

     In Wedding Day Massacre we get a bit more than Mercenary Day gave us.  Sure the enemies are all re-skins of previous enemies, but they are entertaining still.  There are drunken Threshers that give you a "contact drunkenness," a really tiny Leprechaun to chase and loot, and a mini-game that involves fishing for mini-bosses.  We also get a few individual lines from Vault Hunters which I would like more of- as I picked Axton for this one, and immediately regretted not choosing Krieg to hear his responses.  The writing here feels much better scripted than the last Headhunter Pack.

An Expected Red Wedding

     Obviously, I would recommend this to any Borderlands fans with the note that combat is just mundane, and this is just a small excuse to play the game for an extra hour- culminating in a way that anyone that is familiar with the universe should see coming.  It's short and sweet.  A couple short missions in a new area, new heads and skins, and a nice Easter Egg.  Not much, mind you but it's still something.

     As a bite-sized piece of add-on content, I found this one more fun than Mercenary Day, a little better than Wattle Gobbler, and just less than Bloody Harvest.  The fact they are still putting out DLC a year and a half after the main game was released is, quite frankly amazing.  

     For the last piece of Borderlands 2 DLC release coming up- Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax- I really hope it's a bit longer and is a massive April Fool's Day joke.  Like Claptrap making up "The Son of Crawmerax" to be friend's with Hammerlock because of Hammerlock's general distaste for ole Clappy- but somehow, I would think Claptrap's made up creature would turn out to be real anyway.  I mean, hell- maybe we'll even get to return to a ruined T-Bone Junction?  That would be an end to Borderlands 2 worthy of General Knoxx's great legacy.

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