Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part 2: Release Date and it'll be 5-6 Hours Long

     My love of the Bioshock universe is great, and with Infinite, I loved it despite it's flaws.  Then we got Clash in the Clouds- a story-less series of combat challenges, which I honestly had no interest in.

     A while after that we were given the underwhelming Burial at Sea Part 1, which ultimately felt like a prologue to something.  It was like the Bioshock version of a Borderlands 2 Headhunter Pack- minimal content passing itself off as full DLC.  (note: I did enjoy it, and just wished it were much longer, maybe have more stuff to do, more enemies, and places to search)  It was too short to hold enough substance, making it feel less than worthwhile- it took me well under 3 hours to complete and I'm a very slow player.  I like to take the time to search and look at posters and background elements, to really dig in, but the return to Rapture made it feel like it was mostly empty.  There just wasn't enough substance.
     Those were my 2 biggest complaints about Burial at Sea Part 1 - brevity and emptiness- which I mentioned in my review of it.

     But Ken Levine Tweeted this:

     Which gets my hopes revved up again.  I always want more Bioshock so I'll be buying Burial at Sea Part 2 to finish the story, and hope they find a way to get a new Bioshock Infinite on the PS Vita.  The Infinite name should provide ample ways of telling stories with the same characters in new and interesting ways- they have INFINITE POSSIBILITY!  Where is our full on evil Elizabeth as a main baddie?

     Burial at Sea Part 2 will release March 25th globally.

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