Amazing Spider-Man 2 New Trailer Looks... Well, Amazing!

     With the SuperBowl commercial fest going on, and me occupied with homework (and disinterested in sports) I have been keeping a page open on the side to watch for new trailers.  Right before this I posted about the next Transformers film, and now a great new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.  This one we get a few more sneaky shots of Rhino, a glimpse of yellow-green haired Harry Osborn, and a ton of good stuff for Jaime Foxx's Electro.
     It truly looks much better than the first, and I am hopeful this one'll end up with a better story overall.  The last one wasn't bad, but it could've been better.  Hell, we might even get a turn of heart good Electro if Rhino and Osborn are too evil, and Spider-Man pleas to Electro's sensibilities.

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