Pete Holmes: Ex-Men: Nightcrawler Outtakes: "You are focusing merely on my moistness."

"You are focusing merely on my moistness"

     As a long time fan of Pete Holmes I've enjoyed plenty of his work- especially his since his fat lesbian Val Kilmer days.  His Badman series for College Humor was great, but it feels a bit less than they were now that he's got his own show.  But, with his Ex-men series, he has some nice little skits going with that.  In particular I thoroughly loved the Wolverine being fired.
     But, for some reason this one, the outtakes from the Nightcrawler bit has me in tears.  No matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh until I cry.  The "You are focusing merely on my moistness" line is absolutely brilliant, and when he does the teleporting face and I lose it every time.  Maybe he should've been called Shartcrawler instead.

"Oh, Candymünschpieler!"

     Honestly, Pete Holmes and Thomas Middleditch are pure hilarity in these, and for some reason the outtakes take it to a level unmatched by most shows.  Seriously, these are better than all the movies combined.

"Ah! Now who is the moist one?"

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