Tard the Grumpy Cat + Judge Dredd

     Sometimes I make stupid stuff in my free time.  Well the whole time I was watching Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, this is what I was seeing in my head.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this Dredd movie, but my mind kept returning to Tard.
     Tard the Grumpy Cat + Judge Dredd =
          1) Tard the Grumpy Judge
          2) Judge Grump
          3) Judge Tard

     Thinking up things for a demotivational poster, all I could think of on the spot was, "Back in my day, I was the Law," maybe "I am the Tard." or "The Grump? I'm it."  So I just threw this one together.  Nothing seemed to sound right so I left it with the typical Dredd quote.

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