Hauppauge HD PVR 2: 5th Day- I'm Done With This Crap.

     So I just got back from returning this giant piece of shit.  Yes I gave it 5 full days of chances.  Strangely enough I gave it more chances than I give most anything.  So roughly a total of 3 hours of messing around with it each day, trying to get this thing to work.  Nothing.  Not a single workable video.   

     Of course the Hauppauge help center is crap and all they'll give you is bottled responses to everything.  So I turned to scouring the net looking for remedies to the multiple problems I was having.  Luckily, there are a few decent fellows that got some results.  Not enough to keep the HD PVR in working order, but only a slight help.  Of the times I got the images through, I got choppy sound, occasionally no video at all, countless times I got constant flickering of the screen, and the worst is the TV screen would just go black every 45 seconds or so for a few seconds rendering the system useless by resulting in constant deaths.  That makes playing games quite impossible- how well would a movie be considered if it randomly shut off all the time then returned a few seconds later?  It would be an unwatchable film.  You can't play a game that cuts off what you see.  After enough fruitless hassle, I finally gave up and returned it.  It is not worth my time to struggle with a product that has so many flaws and in the end can't live up to what it claims to do.
     Even the video editing software is junk.  The test videos I got included one that recorded off my webcam on the computer.  What the hell?  I never clicked anything that would change the input method.  Seriously, this whole package is a bundle of trouble. 

     I would recommend reading the reviews on Amazon if you own a PS3 before even considering this product.  Buy at your own risk.
Here's the link:

     Even after I got the "fixes" in place, the HD PVR 2 would randomly record things or shut off.  I got the screen jitters and a various amount of other problems "that shouldn't happen."  I am extremely unhappy about this whole trial run, enough so that I will probably never by another Hauppauge product.  I am done with a sub par company and their sub par products.
     From what I've read, there aren't any real problems with the Xbox, so I can't vouche for or against that- but if you play PS3- avoid this at all costs.  There are too many issues to be even remotely usable for Sony gamers.  

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