Borderlands 2: Possible Hidden 3rd Invincible in DLC??

     These were up on the Gearbox Borderlands 2 forums today.
     Granted it is possibly just a joke about his Voracidous misspelling, or even about the lack of Crawmerax being listed.  The mere speculation about a 3rd is quite nice. 
     I do enjoy the sort of secret raid boss Drifter- Dexiduous the Invincible, but the I got to say, Voraciduous is a massive pain to solo. 

     As for the possible 3rd boss- I don't know if it's normal to occur, but last night while I was hunting Slagged Spores for the "I Like My Monsters Rare" mission- I fought Rouge the giant Crystalisk.  After knocking out his legs and getting both of his body crystals- he went back into the ground.  So he was a giant pinkish rock mound.  I didn't think anything of it and just quit out to continue on the hunt for spores.
     Could Rouge change into the rumored Crystaloferous the Invincible?  Maybe there's a way to get them to morph that no one's come across yet?  Or do Boroks morph?  Maybe there's a Scaylion, Skag or Spore that changes?

     Or on a very rare chance- what I would consider to be the probable option, as they already level people up- could one of the Witch Doctors Level someone (or itself) into an Invincible???
     I'm curious as to whether or not there really is a hidden raid boss no one has found yet- this is very exciting indeed!!!

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