Photoshop Things: Some Little Stuff

My "Fix" Idea
     A couple of months ago one of my roommates asked me to "fix" a couple pictures of him and his lady.  As you will see my original idea for "fixing" isn't quite what he was looking for.   I was thinking of spoofing "The Notebook" movie. Pretty much how we forget so much and looking back in our Facebook timelines is essentially going to be our notebook reminders.  But I spent a decent amount of time kind of cleaning up the images for him- so she would have actual printed pictures of them as a couple for a Christmas gift.  He wanted to use my minor expertise in PhotoChoppery for something useful. 
     Essentially, I just painted over a bunch of things and trimed to fit his printing specifications. Nothing special, not even close to my best work, but I tried to make it as acceptable as I could.  In fact, I spent an absurd amount of time trying to get it to look as best as I could possibly make it.  Very stressful work indeed.  While I'm personally not happy with the actual finished ones, the roommate is.

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