Borderlands 2: Dr. Nakayama

     Just a quick thought on Dr. Nakayama.
     Many people may disagree, but I think Dr. Nakayama is a wonderful character added to Borderlands in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.  He feels very much like an analog, or homage, to Dr. Rusty Venture (with a dash of The Monarch) from the Venture Bros.
     He's a scrawny, nerdy scientist/wannabe badass trying desperately to bring back the person he's obsessed with- Handsome Jack- through cloning.  With constant attempts to be cool and badass, but consistently failing to achieve any kind of success, he keeps being his own worst enemy.   
     I've only made it about halfway through the new DLC and Nakayama has continually thwarted his own plans with a great inability to create any real barriers to stop the Vault Hunters from stopping him from cloning Jack.  Provoking the heroes of Pandora into action, and being at first ignored, then after he gets their attention he gets targeted for elimination just so he'll stop annoying them.  Brilliant.
     But he keeps on trying.  He keeps trying to impress people by proving he can be a great bad guy worthy of Handsome Jack's notice.  His overconfidence and ineptitudee puts him in some interesting predicaments which have, thus far, ended up poorly for him.  So far, he's repeatedly failed and keeps on going.  No matter how great his fear of the Vault Hunters has grown, or how horribly disappointing his creations have turned out, no matter how terribly he's defeated, he keeps trying.   That is hilarious and inspirational.  Trying to impress a dead hero by bringing them back to life. 
     Well...  trying to... at least.

     I look forward to finding how "The Fall of Nakayama" turns out.

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  1. I thought the same thing, he reminded me a lot of Dr. Venture with a bit of the Monarch in there as well.