Hauppauge HD PVR 2: A Massive Disappointment for PS3 Users

      After picking up what I figured would be a decent video game capture system- The Hauppauge HD PVR 2 - and spending far more time getting everything installed, updated, and ready for setup than should be necessary, I find out the thing only works on PS3 with component cables.
     Which means I can't play in widescreen.  Sub par gameplay in return for the ability to record some things?  Not worth it.   I tried it out, but couldn't get anywhere near the output that it has with an Xbox from what I've seen.  Sorry Hauppauge, this is a deal breaker.  Why would I want a system that cannot work at typical performance rates with the only console I use?  Sure, Sony is mostly to blame for having an encrypted HDMI output, but this isn't nearly what the ads make it out to be.
     Well, I just wasted the last 3 hours attempting to get ANYTHING decent out of this and am now  in a very cranky mood because if it.  It's getting returned after I get off of work tomorrow.

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