Found an interesting fan movie of the Punisher thanks to www.comicvine.com starring Thomas Jane and a supporting appearance by Ron Pearlman. There is very adult themes, and some violence. be warned this may not be suitable for work time viewing.

      I believe these guys should be allowed to make another film. Do I see a kickstarter in their future? Probably. Marvel should be making films that apply to an adult audience. In all seriousness, the next Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman should be an R rated film. At least a hard PG-13. The Dark Knight was handled phenominally, why can't they do that with Wolverine??? Marvel Comics what the heck? I'm sure there are tons of amazing creators that could do Wolverine justice. Like Nolan and Batman, and like the begining steps here with the Punisher. A true Punisher movie needs to be handled properly.
      Personally I would love to see a film like this done with a grainier film. Emphasize the grit and substance of the Punisher's world. Maybe only have crystal clear shots during fights when he is fully "on" in Punisher mode and gritty, grainy stuff as the mundane necessities are carried out. I don't know, it's just an idea. Even messing with colors could really do a grand job of boosting feel. Dull muted colors throughout all the slow parts, gaining momentum and color into the battles/fight scenes. It could be amazing.
          Great acting by everyone. The kid does an especially wonderful job.
      The script could use a little work. Frank Castle seems a bit off during the time he is doing laundry. Too much down time with ignoring the harassing of neighborhood people. They could've possibly cut the time up and have it occur over a few days. That bottle of Jack? Really, how did it not break? Good idea, but having it break, then having a blade may have been better. Although it would have negated the great 'punishment' scene at the end.

      Anyway, I would definitely like to see more of this type of work. It shows great promise. With great promise comes great funding. Get on it Marvel. Throw in an editor to clean up and tighten the script and you could have a damn good film on your hands. Unlike those travesties "Wolverine: X-men Origins" and "Punisher: War Zone" or the, not one, but two, yes 2!!!! awful "Ghost Rider" and "Fantastic Four" films. Oh sweet mamma's flapjack's! They were horrendous. It isn't even the actors' faults. Most of them have top notch movies, it just comes down to poor teams being assembled and a crap movie being made. Take the time, get the right people involved and then TAKE MORE TIME to make films worth watching.

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