Dark Knight Rises: Thoughts on the Joker

     Figured I'd throw in a small pic to lighten the discussions I've been having about the Joker and the Dark Knight Rises.  I mentioned a lot of these things in older posts, tweets, and conversations with friends.  Thought I might as well make a post about it.  So here goes...
     While I am quite grateful Mr. Nolan decided to leave the character out of the movie, it would've been nice to see or hear of what happened to him.  Nothing big, but something- like the Killer Croc reference.  Just a single, simple line of dialogue and fans would love it.
     I mean- just have an inmate mention that he's just gone or something.  It is fitting that the Joker would leave the same way he arrived, without a trace.  Poof, vanished, no indications of where he would've gone.  When he was found, he had no fingerprints, no ID, nothing but "knives and lint," and so that's how he would exit the stage.  Just the knowlege that he's out there somewhere possibly waiting to wreak crazy havoc upon the world.
     If I were to have handled a nod to the Joker, it would've been something like this.  During Bane's release of all the Blackgate prisoners, have Harley Quinn in an empty cell.  With Arkham Asylum and Blackgate being loaded with inmates, it would stand to reason her character could be working at both facilities.  Just a blonde worker sitting alone in a cell.  She'd look despondent and be looking around dazed.  Perhaps have a handful of Joker cards laying around and a few of those creepy red smiles painted on the cell's wall.  Have her muttering to herself that he's gone and fumbling with his cards while sitting on his bunk.  Then continue panning by.  A continuous scene incorporated into the film.     
     Now this would only be like 30 seconds long, panning by while the other inmates are escaping.  Selina Kyle/Catwoman could've walked by and saw it.  It could've been such an easy, elegant way to handle Heath Ledger's outstanding performance without diminishing the character, while including him in a way that makes sense.

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