Batman: Arkham City

     With all the Batman excitement I decided to finish Arkham City for PS3.  I picked it up, started it and just never got back to playing.  This is a must play for any Gamer/Batman fan.  Arkham Asylum was wonderful and filled with tons of goodies.     This installment certainly doesn't fall short either.  There are an INSANE amount of nods to characters and missions to fill out the main story, which is essentially a military controlled(well "TYGER" guards) walled off portion of Gotham is set aside to house the criminals the the Asylum from the first game couldn't due to destructive fires possibly set by the Joker.

     One thing I finally got to enjoy was the fact Mr. Freeze got to play a large role in the story.  As my personal favorite bat-villain I was overjoyed at this.  He just has a tragic and wonderful story.  His wife Nora suffered from some kind of currently incurable disease, so he cryogenically froze her to prevent the imminent death from happening.  Some bad things went down at the lab, the management tried to pull the plug and an accident occured which left Victor Fries in need of a refridgeration suit to live in sub-zero temperatures.  Now he lives out his days searching for a cure for Nora.
     Here's a screen capture of Nora and Freeze together.

     Anyway- I was completely blown away at all the Easter eggs throughout the game.  Encounters with characters like Azrael, Hush, and the time sensitive(only visitable on specific dates, being Holidays) Calender Man.  There was the Black Mask getting beaten by some thugs.  By eavesdropping on thugs there is talk of Killer Croc, which someone showed me can be encountered in game under the right conditions.

     Which leads me to my next topic- Scarecrow.  His levels in Arkham Asylum were easily some of the best moments in gaming history, so one would think they'd bring him back.  Sadly the closest thing to those levels are the Ra's al Ghul moments in this game.  I found his mask on top of some hay on a bridge, and a few of his fear gas tank in a few locations like Hush's apartment.  
     Then I found online that there are a bunch of hidden radio signals that decoded say things like, "I will return Batman" and "Fear will tear Gotham city to shreds."  Others have found that during Protocol 10 goons and henchmen bearing scarecrow like masks are found dead around Bane, Freeze, and Joker's areas.  Never alive, just there bodies.  Maybe a point could be triangulated to find a location or secret hideout for him. 
     Then of course there is Scarecrow's barge, the boat by North Gotham Docks.  A sequencer unlock is hidden in a crate that opens the boat.  Inside is a bunch of boxes with insects, strange droplets floating around, creepy flickering lights and a henchman that yells when you get close.  Nailed to a post near him is an invoice for the shipment to Scarecrow (Crane).  So what I was thinking is maybe there is a date related thing for him(ie. Calendar Man)?  Possibly Halloween only?  Maybe even a midstory requirement as well- like Killer Croc.  Croc MUST be done before leaving the sewers at one point.  What if Scarecrow is one of the *ROCKSTEADY CONFIRMED* 3 or 4 Easter eggs still not found yet???  To be done on a certain date and time in the game's story.  Would be pretty damn good.

I also found it funny that Alfred Pennyworth is voiced by a Mr. Jarvis.  Lol, butler humor.

Gotta go- Dark Knight Rises showing in a mere 8 hours. 

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