Citizen Thane. Mass Effect + Citizen Kane.

     I'm up to some photoshop stupidity again.  This time I combined Mass Effect and Citizen Kane together into #ClassicEffect.  I doubt this hash tag will hold on or linger, but I have a few more ideas for it.  One never knows what will catch on.  This mash up consists of Thane Krios remembering his beloved sniper rifle.  That's about it.
Sometimes I'm dumb.


  1. Oh my god I was just doing some random search on internet, and now i'm founding THIS and it totally made my day, thx !!
    Hope you'll read this someday XD

  2. Hahaha, thank you and you're welcome! I really need to get back to making some more of these. I actually had a whole series of Mass Effect related items... maybe it's time to dig them out?

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