Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

First off I would like to say that my picture is of DOMESTICATOR!!! (Another one of my stupid creations)  Originally I wanted a house-bot that was a compilation of ludicrous household appliances.  There wasn't enough time for me to do a good version with a toaster arm-cannon, a shoulder mounted sink (with water hose), and various other attachments to cook and clean.  So I made do with a quick sketch of a robot (made out of a microwave, blender, and vaccuum) grilling hotdogs.

As for the movie...
(Spoilers ahead)
Is Michael Bay still a child?  What is he thinking?  Instead of being a somewhat well-oiled machine, this movie feels like a kid's playtime.  It lacks plot.  With a threadbare story, it's just a series of fights, chases, and explosions.  The film seems like they just took a bunch of loosely tied together images floating around in Bay's skull and mooshed them all into a blob and called it a movie. 

So kids will love it for all the flashy items, and there are a few notable scenes that made me laugh, specifically when Jetfire is talking to Agent Simmons about his father, the first wheel, and asks Simmons, "Do you know what he transfomed into?"  Simmons says no, and Jetfire's response is, "NOTHING!"

So we are given two and a half hours of, as one of my friends put it, Megan Fox distracting us from robots.  Does that make her a Distract-o-bod?  Which also makes me wonder why all of the Decepticons don't hide in a better fashion like the new blonde love interest Alice.

Worst of all they changed Soundwave's voice.  THAT is what defined his character!  I could see his not being an old boombox tape deck, but making him a satellite!?  Why didn't they keep him as a surveillance worker and be a fully docked MP3 player with speakers and such?

Then at the end Jetfire gives Optimus his parts and power, so why didn't they just do that at the begining???  Why the hell would people wait for all the property destruction and deaths before they go, "Oh, wait!  We can make a super weapon of our own, and just forgot to use it right away.  Our bad."  Not well thought out.

Overall I would say it's worth a rent.
And I'm still pissed about Soundwave.

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