Scribblenauts part 2: Unconventional wisdom.

First- Two things I thought were awesome.
1) A velociraptor does NOT appreciate having a chariot glued to the back of their head. Or tail.
2) If I have a magic wand and sit on a gorilla with a pointy stick and crown in a saddle on a centaur with a halo and spear, then we fight a T-rex, it turns into a frog and a steak.  But if we fight a mammoth it turns into a frog and 3 steaks.  Score for my tribe!

A list of random things I've learned from playing Scribblenauts.
  • If you call on Santa, he hands out random gifts to anybody, good or bad.  Some of the presents he pops out are; pets, sweaters, toys, video games, board games, and...  voodoo dolls.  Odd.
  • The most useful items I've found are a time machine and a mind control device.  Next in the lines of handy things would be wings, a teleporter, and a Cupid arrow.
  • Death can beat both God and the Devil, but is subsequently able to be beaten by you with a spork.  Or you can stuff him in a barrel.
  • Recipe for god = a human + ambrosia.
  • Satyrs are stubborn and rufuse to play a pan flute with me.
  • A black hole will suck things into their doom, while a portal sends out a very angry monster.
  • A blob and a ghost will fight each other and never die.
  • Jackalopes will ignore you and just walk around making horrible sounds. 
  • A bum will be fooled by the following trap: Boobytrap a snowman by setting it on a bear trap and stapling money to it's head.
  • Clones/Dopplegangers/Duplicates and Me all make multiple you's(Maxwell's).  They are also all evil and will try to steal anything you are holding and say "Yoink".  But if you use a shrink ray on them they will keep stealing each others things instead.  Then you may pick them up and fit up to 3 of them in a wallet or pocket.
  • If you make an ocean, then make a whale, the whale is too big to fit in the ocean.
  • Robots are good and cyborgs are evil.
  • If god has a sword, he's good, but if I have a sword I'm the enemy.
  • If you leave a trail of meat/brains up to a corpse and drop lightning on the corpse, it will come to life, eat, and pass out from being stuffed.
  • Cthulu and Shoggoth are not above love.  If you Cupid arrow them they will love you.

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