Heroes: Ink

All right I'm going to try and shorten these Heroes posts.

In this episode, Claire's new BFF Gretchen learns of the regenerative powers.  Mr Bennett bring the girls out for Indian food, and Gretchen in very subtle manner, hints to her interest in Claire's healing ability.  Bennett wants to call in the Haitian, who is conveniently on speed-dial.  This pisses me off SO MUCH.  He could have rendered Sylar easy to defeat.  Powerless means killable.
Well, Claire says she can handle the situation and goes to work.  Thus her and Gretchen becoming best friends.  Claire then gives her an up close look at the power in action.

On to Parkman, who is equating his power as a bad thing.  Ah...  hello, cliche.  I am sick of this idea.  It is an immense gift, people can't lie to him.  But he is being sort of mentally harassed by the Ghost of  Sylar past, who is somehow both in Parkman's head and in his own body(posing as Nathan).  Lame.
I believe Parkman has created a sub-persona in the guise of Sylar to teach himself to stop trying to avoid using his power.  I think it's like this because- 1. Sylar is posing as Nathan so he shouldn't be fighting with himself over the body.  I've mentioned before, he is a healer, he will heal the mind and revert to Sylar anyway.  Then there would be 2 Syalr's-one in body and one in Parkman's mind.  2. Sylar "uses" Parkman's abilities against him.  So I would believe that Sylar couldn't have latched onto Parkman's gray matter, but is just Parkman working against himself.  Maybe it is a telepath's version of a midlife crises.
Aside from those thoughts, I believe Parkman's ridiculous insistence on the avoidance of his ability is itself driving him crazy.  Come on Matt, telepathy is like a sense, it would be like a normal person trying to live blindfolded.  What an idiot.
He ends up being tricked by "Sylar" to beat up a guy who he is investigating, and uses his ability to cover his tracks by altering his partners memories.

Of course I've said it before, I think that things are becoming very close to the future from "5 Years Gone".  Parkman working his way towards becoming a douchebag "Nightmare Man", Sylar becoming himself and CHOOSING to stay Nathan because the power it affords him, etc.

Elsewhere Peter is being sued by Samuel who is trying to expand his family through dubious means.  Instead of just telling Peter that he has powers and inviting him to help others with a travelling carnival, he uses his abilities to make an actually empathic do-gooder doubt himself, and look like an ass in the process.  For someone that talks about family and all that jazz Samuel seems to be a real A-hole.  He then stops by a former place of residence and causes an anomaly to level the place and hurt/kill many people.  He appears to have marked Peter with a tattoo compass as well.

Now for a new character that I both like and dislike.  A deaf lady named Emma.  She can see lights where noise should be.  A doctor tells her it might be synesthesia which is an actual problem, not a power (senses being messed up- like smelling color or hearing smells).  So she wears headphones so people won't talk to her and pity her because she is deaf.  GET OVER IT.
Near the end of the episode she sees wonderful colors coming from a cello.  He gets up and steps away for a time.  She goes over and plays an amazing number.  Would that be a number by color???  The thing that pissed me off is the fact that she is just discovering her ability and she masters it on the first try while f*cking around with an instrument.  Every other person had to train to use their powers when it required use(not an automatic power like healing).  Isaac was already a painter when he started doing the pictures, so he had built a useful skill before manifesting the power.  Remember Peter's first image?  It was a stick figure of himself with a stick man Nathan on a roof.  Nathan had an accident that made him fly.  Even Sylar grew in ability, when he got the telekinesis, he didn't use it perfectly on a cup in front of Chandra Suresh.  Other than her magically being a maestro whilst dicking around playing with colorful cello sounds, I think her having an ability like this is very interesting.  It is unknowingly affecting others through pure musical beauty, while she herself can see the beauty on a whole other level.

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