Heroes: Hysterical Blindness

Another attempt to keep these Heroes posts short.

Claire and Gretchen start bonding in a sorority function.  Where Claire becomes super suspicious of Gretchen and things happen that make it look like Gretchen is a loony and jealous of Claire.  As it turns out it is a second person with invisibility, a sorority sister working with Samuel's funky carnival messing with Claire and trying to lure her into poor standings with friends to get her to want to join the circus.  Claire confront Gretchen and Gretchen reveals her lesbian urges towards Claire.  I suspect Claire liked it.

Samuel is metaphorical man with all his seed planting.  Not in the pervy way, just planting actual plants and sending messages out to push special individuals into coming to him.

Peter saves a distracted Emma(the aura/sound seer) and accidentally absorbs her ability, losing the super speed in the process.  That happens to be a great scene in the episode- Peter begins to run, the music picks up in an epic fashion, and then turns to a record run down sound like 3 times.  He then realizes the speed is for sure gone and he now sees sound.
Later he sees Emma seeing colors and they bond playing a piano making fun light waves.  Ooh, yay.  Lame.  Although, I do enjoy the everyday feel of the characters figuring things out.
In the end of the episode, Emma is messing around with a cello, picking up sound/light power and accidentally uses it to blast a crack in a nearby wall.

Over in Nathan/Sylar land, Nathan was shot and buried, and Sylar emerged from the ground.  Probably a natural reversion, but why didn't it happen to the origiinal shapeshifter when Sylar offed him?  The empty headed amnesiac Sylar is picked up by the police and held in custody. 
I don't get why his mind is in Parkman's head.  When Parkman made him think he was Nathan, he didn't pull the mind out and shove a substitute in, he just made Sylar believe he was Nathan.  Thus this whole thing is messed up.  Why did Sylar's mind hop out and his body continue wandering around on autopilot?  His mind should be IN the body believing itself to be Nathan.  Period.  The writers are really bogging the story down with extra crap.  Sure the idea is kind of sweet, but writing new things into the story without keeping with the past is poor writing.  Like all the characters that show up and then are just forgotten.  (Molly, Claude, Waterbreather-guy, Peter's Irish girlfriend he left in the virus decimated future, etc...)
Back to the Sylar's bady.  He is in a police cell being questioned by Ernie Hudson and some psychologist lady.  Sylar notices that her watch is off, being way ahead, and she says that skill may be a key to finding who he is.  Ghostbuster/Police guy Hudson gets the finerprints back and knows who he is, then pulls the camera plug in an attempt to get a confession for Sylar's mother's murder from back in season 1.  Nice refresher.  Well Sylar doesn't believe he would do that, then manages a super powered defense and escape.  He sort of kidnaps the psychologist because she promised to help him.  He ends up on the run with her left behind and wanders into Samuel's Magic Carnival showing up and disappearing in a forest, giving Sam "half" of Sylar.

Towards the end Hiro teleports into Peter's apartment and passes out.  Why doesn't Peter get Claire's healing and/or blood.  He could theoretically draw infinite amounts of tubes as she/he regenerated and then inject them into various people healing them all.  Hello Hiro, salvation is in sight. 
But since Peter is a tard, things like this are overlooked.  He is both a specially abled individual and a paramedic, healing would be SUPER helpful. 
I am still pissed that he didn't take Sylar's power, and subsequently all the additional ones.  Then again, could Claire's blood fix his DNA and restore his original Empathy??? 

What ever.  I quit for now.

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