Heroes: Tabula Rasa

In an attempt to get this post out before the new episode I'll keep it SUPER SHORT.

Hiro shows up at Peter's and then is brought to the hospital.  Peter thinks Hiro came to receive help instead of the reverse.   So he heads out to find Claire and Noah to find a healer.  According to Noah Claire's blood won't work because cancer is living, but does that mean that all the virus and bacteria that cause all kinds of havoc in a body AREN'T living???  Ridiculous.  Well they find this kid that Noah checked on once and find he controls the flow of life and can kill as well as heal. 
Peter gets the ability and gets shipped back to Hiro, who is gone before he gets back, while Noah stays with the boy to make sure he is all right.  Can Peter now heal Emma? 
(A side note is that I hope Mr. Samson Gray finds this healer and then takes the power so his cancer will be magiced away and then he will have a way to kill Sylar, who is now considered "Big Game" prey)

Over in Hiro land- He is in a hospital talking Emma into accepting her ability as a good thing.  She shouldn't be a dumbass about it, whoever thought up the idea of people not wanting these powers is retarded.  Remember Claire complaining about being a freak?  She should shut the F up man.  She CANNOT get sick, or dead, that is AMAZING.  Someone should give her super powered diarrhea and then let her complain.  Yeah, she wouldn't after that. 
Anyway, Hiro sort of convinces Emma to grow into the ability, not push it away.  It is part of them, something that is a defining characteristic.  Hiro eventually vanishes and appears 3 years ago, where he may be trying to save Charlie from season 1. 
Didn't he already try it?  She had already been aware of the impending death and was OK with it.
Besides, wouldn't his going to change it severely change the present?  Considering it was one of Sylar's kills, it may have drastic consequences in the now.

In the Carnival Sylar is revisiting memories lodged in the body, as opposed to the mind's storage.  He get's into a confrontation with Detective Lubbock and doesn't kill him.  Then Edgar speeds in and kills Lubbock.  So Samuel is slowly forcing Sylar's body to become part of the carnival through much deception and an absurd baptism.  Do they not realize that Sylar's hunger is not activated and as soon as it is, he is in a veritable buffet of useful powers?  With his current capabilities, none of them really stand a chance against him.  Or when Pansy Parkman returns "Sylar's Mind", will mental Sylar go on a damn rampage and slaughter the entire group in what is essentially a massive Easter Egg Hunt of abilities?

Where have Tracy and Parkman and Mohinder and so on go?  Has Angela dreamed about the loss of "Nathan" and his current running away to the circus? 
UGH!  I am sick of this post already.  I'll try and get tonight's episode watched on Hulu tomorrow, then posted ASAP. 

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