Heroes: Acceptance

A quick Heroes post in an attempt to get done before tonight's episode.

Nathan finally meets up with Peter to discuss his new found powers. Peter thinks that it is a trait that runs in the family.  I am somewhat displeased with the fact that instead of Peter holding Nathan and cycling through to see what powers he could find(being ones he already has had or used, or familiar with) he doesn't swap out the super speed for the much more useful telekinesis.  If he started siphoning off abilities, he could get healing, or as I have previously stated a bunch, Sylar's base power, which would enable him to suck up all the rest.  Even without killing the bearer, as we know Sylar can do, but just doesn't.

Nathan also discovers a cover-up case where he was the person that accidentally caused the death of a girl he liked many years back.  His mother covered it up, and he wants to "make it right" by telling her mother.  She gets pissed and has him killed.  But that obviously doesn't work.

Tracy over in the land of professional women decides she wants to do "helpful" work.  Doing things for people as opposed to just being a selfish business person.  So she turns down a job offer from a former political partner.

Way over in HBO's Carnivale-rip-off-ville, Samuel catches a couple people in a conversation of smack talk about himself.  He decided to do what he feels is right for the group, and thinks it is right because he is the leader.  He gets a tattoo image from some girl's back showing that Mr. Bennett has decided to rethink his stance on specials. 
At that image Mr. Bennett is studying images of a "Compass That Changed the World" newspaper clipping and pics of Darth Speedster.  So he may also rejoin Peter with the offer to help find other people with abilities.

Now to the best part of the episode, Hiro.  Hiro repeatedly attempts to stop a jumper from suicide by going back in time to keep him from photocopying his butt, an act that continuously leads to his wanting to kill himself.  After like 49 tries Hiro just gives up going back, then goes up to sit in discussion with the man instead.  So Hiro learned that sometimes changing the past isn't needed.  Doing things in the now can solve the problem.  Just talking things out, no time manipulation necessary, a little bit of friendship goes a long way.  Something about knowing someone is there for you can support a person in the darkest of days.  After this realization, he tells his sister about his own secret burden, his own impending death.

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