Fantastic Four: NEW Full Trailer (Josh Trank)

     The new full Fantastic Four trailer looks great.  In a previous post I mentioned this film is probably going to rely heavily on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series by author Mark Millar (who has had a number of films made from his work, including Wanted, Kick-Ass, the recent Kingsman: The Secret Service, and most notably both the Avengers films leaning on his Ultimates series), and this trailer is a definite confirmation of it.  Everything from the alternate dimension hopping to Doom's look...

     ...and that is a good thing.  It updates and modernizes the story for today's audience.  While I would love to see a period piece Fantastic Four set in the 1960's with retro film grain and Galactus, the Ultimate FF series is simply the right way to go for the big screen.  This trailer has softened my hesitance and fears for the future of Marvel Comics' longest running super hero team in the theatrical realm.

     That being said, I've also expressed my joy at the cast for the most part.  Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan are tremendous actors and do great things even with the smallest roles.  Miles Teller was amazing in Whiplash, and the only thing I have seen Kate Mara in was the highly underrated tv series Jack & Bobby.  Then comes Toby Kebbell who deserves like 10 awards just for his portrayal of Koba in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

     I think this film stands more than just a chance of doing well.  If 20th Century Fox learned their lesson from the last 2 movies, this could do very well.  Keep it small scale and tight scripting and acting- and they could definitely contend with Marvel Studios in the box office- not necessarily Avengers numbers, but it will be a start on the right path.

     Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7th.

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