JJ Abrams and a Star Wars / Star Trek Crossover Film....

     I read earlier today that inside sources with J.J. Abrams' studio that Abrams is attempting to put the two biggest science fiction franchises together on the big screen.  It sounds plausible, I mean he's already sitting in the directors seat for one, and has previously held it for the other.  On top of that he's already snuck R2-D2 into the newer Star Trek films.

     Here's a snippet from the National Report article I read:
     Sources claim that Abrams, who is currently in production on Star Wars, Episode 7, The Force Awakens, has spent the past three weeks jotting down notes and drawing out stick figure storyboards for a film he’s tentatively titling “A New Frontier,” and has recently begun fleshing out the first few scenes of a screenplay. This film, which is little more than theoretical right now, would see the crew of the USS Enterprise crashing on Tatooine, the desert planet that both Anakin and Luke Skywalker had called their home.

     “The idea is that the enterprise crew are trying to outrun some trouble, and end up going through a wormhole. And that lands them in a different time and place… a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” says a talent agency employee who claims he overheard Abrams in a meeting with his agent. “So you’d have the Star Trek characters meeting some of the Star Wars characters, and there’d be a whole adventure happening there, while the Enterprise crew tries to repair their ship and get home.” 
     Another employee from the same agency corroborated the story. “He’s been really excited about this for a few days. He really wants to make this picture, where the Star Trek and Star Wars characters meet on Tatooine. Ari [Emanuel, Abrams’ Agent] has been putting in calls to execs at Disney and Paramount to see if they could get a meeting going.”
     Sure, it's a very intriguing idea, but something about it doesn't quite fit for me.  I cannot say that I would wholly be against the idea, but I can't say I'd be 100% for it either.  The two franchises have such a different feel, and as a life-long fan of both it does seem a little odd.
     I mean think about it, Star Wars is a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  It's loaded with mystery and the Force, while Star Trek is all about the future and quantifying the universe, however strange it seems.  My issue with the mingling of these two distinct things would feel like a slight betrayal to both series' focus of ideals- like Lucas' quantifying of the Force by relegating it to a Midichlorian level- or Star Trek V: The Final Frontier's mangled handling of a god.  It created an awkward mess in both instances, not that they couldn't have been done, but they were done in a way that didn't fit with the rest of their respective series'.

     So, to me, this seems like it could be a massively disastrous decision.  Speaking for myself, I think it is very possible to do this project, the biggest problem is doing it right.  Abrams' Star Trek films are riddled with problems, and we have yet to see how well the next Star Wars film will do.  So if these rumors are true, please, for the fans of these beloved franchises, find the greatest writers possible to make it work properly.

     Source [ National Report ]

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